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Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment Lip Tube .25OZ

Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment Lip Tube .25OZ

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  • BEST LIP BALM EVER - The Waxelene multi-purpose ointment lip balm works better than the rest thanks to our patented aeration process that won't clog pores and lets the skin breathe
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION - Our convenient Carmex style lip tube makes it easy to apply a small amount to your lips, cuticles, or any other skin area. No other beeswax lip balm is available in this style of squeeze tube
  • PATENTED PROCESS - Our patented aeration process creates a silky soft texture, providing a thin protective barrier that still lets the skin breathe; The organic oils soak in and nurture skin cells
  • NATURAL GOODNESS - The Waxelene moisturizing cream is petroleum-free and hypoallergenic, it has the goodness of USDA certified organic ingredients such as soy oil, bee wax, natural vitamin e oil, and rosemary oil; no chemical additives
  • MOISTURIZES SKIN - This is the same Waxelene multi-purpose ointment only in a lip tube. it is an all-around moisturizing and healing product; it's powerful therapeutic abilities are strong enough to heal cracked lips.

The Organic Multi-Purpose Ointment is Waxelene's original product. Address many of your families skin care needs using this one-of-a-kind product. Our patented aeration process creates a thin protective barrier that lets your skin breathe. The vitamin E and organic oils then soak in and nourish the skin. Dry skin doesn't stand a chance. Many people with eczema swear Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment is the best thing they have ever used. You will love this unique texture that is silky smooth and spreadable compared to solid balms.

How to use 

Apply a small amount of Waxelene to the desired area of skin on the body or face. Waxelene Multi-Purpose Ointment won’t clog pores thanks to our patented aeration process. The smooth texture allows you to spread it out over a large area to create a thin and breathable protective barrier.



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9.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 8.3 cm

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