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Samura Samura HARAKIRI Chef's knife 8.2''/208 mm, Black

Samura Samura HARAKIRI Chef's knife 8.2''/208 mm, Black

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Samura Harakiri’s slicer knife will be equally great in the preparation of Western and European dishes as well as traditional Japanese food. The ergonomic handle in a classic design ensures a super comfortable grip and feel. The knife will neither turn nor slip in your palm.
The 20 cm long and extremely sharp blade will allow you to slice carefully and fully control the process. It will effortlessly carve meats and poultry, slice fruits, vegetables and bread and leave beautiful straight edges. Hence, the chances are that all your fruit, meat and cheese platters will be outstanding.
This tool has been made to help even the most amateur cooks and make their lives a lot easier, not to mention more experienced cooks or chefs who can operate these knives masterly.


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