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Samura Samura SHADOW Nakiri knife with black non-stick coating 6.7"/170 mm

Samura Samura SHADOW Nakiri knife with black non-stick coating 6.7"/170 mm

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Unique black knives Samura Shadow are of high quality, have
flawless appearance with minimal maintenance. Razor blade made of steel AUS-8 & Black-coating prevents products from sticking when slicing. This set of Shadow series includes the most popular types of professional and home cooking - vegetable and European Chef.

The first will be indispensable when working with vegetables and fruits. A vegetable knife can easily peel off or cut into small pieces, and easily remove the eyes and other flaws from the surface of the potato. It is convenient to wield them - a small, neat knife fits perfectly in your hand. And the Chef will easily do the rest of the work - chop, chop, chop any product, no matter what size it is. Chef on the shoulder and watermelon, and cabbage, and a solid piece of meat.

Only two excellent Japanese kitchen knives - and the whole list of kitchen works is solved with unprecedented ease!

The steel blades of these knives are hardened to the level of 59 HRC and are capable of maintaining a sharpness for a long time. The black anti-slip coating does not allow the cut products to adhere to the blade and protects the blade.

Both effectively and efficiently - a set of Shadow knives becomes the center of attention in any kitchen!


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